An 11year old kid speaks on racism

An 11 years old boy kuro kwomo

 A spoken word poet  who  is referred to as a rapping sensation speaks on racism, Kuro who is a Nigerian  based in London with his mum and aunt  looking after him, he has always been known for speaking the truth and having his say of things, he decided to make a poem on racism which is currently still reeking havoc in so many part of the world.

Having someone who isn’t scare to stand for what’s right, and doesn’t believe in the injustice.

People are scared of being out in the open especially blacks they are always afraid and scared of heading out and not returning home again the same day. Racism has been a big issue for years now with the killing of George Floyd.

In his poem he said ‘’ This is to all my people, I don’t know what they told you but we don’t feel equal, it’s like they are the first and we’re just a sequel.

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