Nigerian man Mocks Davido says ''he should stop wearing suit abeg''

POSTED By Caroboy92 ON MAY 14, 2020

Singing sensation, Davido was spotted recently donning a striped three-piece suit after he took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself with the look.

While some of his fans thought the singer looked dapper in the outfit —which is a rather unusual one for the singer— one of his followers mocked him for it and said he shouldn’t put it on again.

The follower, one Richard Amah with the Instagram handle @amahs_gram took to the comment section of Davido’s post and pleaded with the singer not to rock the look again.

Here’s a screenshot of the follower’s comment below,

Nigerian Model Narrates How a Lady Offerred To Pay Him N100k Daily

A Nigerian model has given the narrative of an encounter he had with a newly married woman whose husband is based overseas — he shared how the lady offered to be paying him a sizable sum monthly should he agree to be her boyfriend.

The man, King Monye stated that a friend introduced him to her and she often sends money to him but he did not read any motive to the gesture other then friendship.

According to Monye, this went on for a month before she pitched her proposal to him and said she’ll be paying N150k monthly if he agrees.

“Last year a friend introduced me to a young newly married woman of 28, her husband stays oversees, we began talking and she sometimes sends me money and airtime without me asking, I felt she just liked me as a friend and I didn’t reject any of her offer,… “she even invites me for lunch and dinner in an eatery.

Fast forward to a month after, she asked me to be her boyfriend, I was surprised because I knew she was married and she talks with her husband even when I’m there, she said she would pay me 150k a month, mehn I was just… “confused, I liked her and I enjoyed her company but just as friends.

I thought of the offer but I had to put myself in place of her husband, the word ‘karma’ struck me, I was having mix feelings about it so I told her I wasn’t interested, we cut all ties afterwards. “Each time I remember it, I feel I would have taken the offer but then again what if they do same to my wife. Maybe If she was not married I would have accepted.”

Nigerian Musician Zlatan Ibile Gifts Friend A Car For His Birthday

Popular rapper, Zlatan Ibile has gifted his childhood friend a brand new Benz on his birthday.

The controversial rapper shared throwback photos with his old pal, Loui and it made it obvious that they have come a long way together.


Sharing throwback photos and a video of the awesome birthday gift, Zlatan Ibile wrote;

This will be the best song you'd listen to today: Kayode - Sideguy - Click Here
“The bedrock of friendship will never change from the art of not giving up on each other. It is a beautiful thing to do if both parties make it worth it irrespective of the distance. We have come a long way by virtue of this art.

Through the times and tides, distance and long spaces that may exist between us, I was sure to always count on your consistent spirit. You posses a silent drive which by now anybody who moves close to you will be aware of, this has enhanced the patient, peaceful and dependable friendship we got going.”


hello there, have u ever wondered why your  laptop chargers are so big? you ask yourself what’s it for anyways? what else do I not know about laptops? one of the first laptop was the Osborne 1 built in 1981, it was heavier than a bowling ball, and its tiny black and white screen was no bigger than a playing card.

 It also didn’t have a battery , so it needed to be plugged in, it sounds like anything but a laptop, but the  grand pappy of your sleek machine is called portable simply because u can carry it In a case.

At the end of the decade we got the ZDS Super sport , it was a big step towards portable computers, this laptop had a built in battery, which could keep your  device running for about three hours and had a massive adaptor to recharge the battery. Let’s past through time, laptops became thinner and lighter yet those adaptors stayed bulky. It’s because today’s portable computers requires a certain types of power DC meaning Direct Current, the stuff coming out of ur power outlet is called AC meaning Alternating current, Basically that Big Bulky adaptors of yours converts AC to DC and lowers the voltage to safely juice up your laptop’s battery.

The Adaptor has so many different components  inside so unfortunately, it can be shrunken down into a tiny match box at least for now. Well then, why does the box(adaptor) get hot if its making sure too much power doesn’t flow into the battery? Well that’s exactly why if it’s working some of the energy from inside is lost in the form of heat, so next time your laptop charger get’s warm or hot don’t worry its just physics, if it’s get too hot though you might want to take it to a PRO.

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