An 11year old kid speaks on racism

An 11 years old boy kuro kwomo  A spoken word poetwhois referred to as a rapping sensation speaks on racism, Kuro who is a Nigerianbased in London with his mum and aunt looking after him, he has always been known for speaking the truth and having his say of things, he decided to make a poem on racism which is currently still reeking havoc in so many part of the world.Having someone who isn’t scare to stand for what’s right, and doesn’t believe in the injustice.People are scared of being out in the open especially blacks they are always afraid and scared of heading out and not returning home again the same day. Racism has been a big issue for years now with the killing of George Floyd.In his poem he said ‘’ This is to all my people, I don’t know what they told you but we don’t feel equal, it’s like they are the first and we’re just a sequel.Please share with family and friends.Follow me here to keep updated to news around the worldplease stay safe and stay home make sure to suscribe to …

Why You Need 5G Network

DreamwrldApr 8, 2020
The fifth generation network came as a result of other subsequent network being overloaded. The importance can't be overemphasized.
I know you have heard alot about self driving cars, smart homes and appliances that manage themselves.

The broader term for this is "internet of things" (IOT) and for it to become a reality, wireless network have to evolve to meet the increasing data demands. Some wireless companies thought fifth generation (5G) is the answer.
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The wireless companies promised 5G will give the world greater capacity, a higher density of users, a faster download speed and more reliable connectivity higher than our current 4G networks.

This wireless companies intend to use existing infrastructures to install the new 5G devices. They will be mounted on things like utility poles and buildings in a tightly knit network to help keep the signal strong.
Many of these 5G receptors are about the size of smoke detectors. This makes them less noticeable therefore, makes them seem like less of an intrusion to homeowners living nearby.
I know some of you may have phobia of the implications of the network to your health in the case of causing corona virus, the real fact is that absolutely there is no scientific basis to claim that 5G is the cause of corona virus and since it is untested, it will be massively irresponsible to deploy it.